Design elements

Components made of carbon and fiberglass also impress with their appearance and are accordingly perfect for design elements.

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We would like to realize your ideas here as well. Due to the diversity of fiber composites, a lot of objects can be realized with an appealing appearance and in a wide variety of shapes. If desired, wound components can also be made to shine by means of adapted lighting.

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Technical specifications, properties, environmental influences, etc.

This information is important for the design of the product. If it is an order, they serve to verify your product choice.

Our practical example:

Spherical lamp demonstration made of CFRP and GFRP

Our practical example:

Lamp demo made of glass and carbon fiber, cylindrical

Our practical example:

Illuminated fiber optic tube

Material: CFRP and GRP, Artist: Susanne Thiemann

Bert sculpture, Munich

This sculpture made of a steel tube, encased in foam glass and wrapped in glass and carbon fibers, stands on the forecourt of the entrance to the Haus für Kinder on Robinienstraße in Munich. Munich artist Susanne Thiemanns designed the 2.70 meter high work of art. She uses a practical example to show that she is no ordinary basket weaver. With its multi-layered material and gentle curves, the sculpture is reminiscent of a cocoon, which serves as a protected space for undisturbed growth. From a distance, the sculpture shimmers whitish gray; only upon closer inspection does one then recognize the loose black carbon weave on the white ground of the glass fibers under the transparent layer of lacquer. A union of two materials made possible by HA-CO engineering.