New developments in carbon and glass fiber production


New developments in carbon and glass fiber production

Research & Development

Within the scope of development projects, HA‐CO Carbon cooperates with various renowned research institutes and chairs:
•    Chair for Carbon Composites (LCC) at the TU Munich
•    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying at the TU Munich
•    Institute for Structural Design (ITKE) of the University of Stuttgart
•    TCW ‐ Technology Center West Bavaria
•    Fraunhofer Institute
•    IMA Material Research and Application Technology GmbH Dresden
•    CFK Valley Stade e.V.
•    Composites United e.V.
•    Max Planck Society
•    West Saxon University of Applied Sciences TU Zwickau
•    …


•    CAD design with Catia V5
•    FEM calculation
•    Work NC ‐ CAM
•    Winding simulations

Filament winding machine

WiMa 1

Working space max. Ø 4,000 x 17,000 mm

Mandrel weight max. 7,000 kg
Spindles: 1

Filament winding machine

WiMa 2

Working surface max. Ø 1,300 x 42,000 mm

Mandrel weight max. 2,000 kg

Spindles: 1

thornless windable

Filament winding machine

WiMa 3

Working space max. Ø 1,000 x 6,000 mm

Spool mandrel weight max. 1.000 kg

Spindles: 1

Milling machine

5-axis CNC portal milling machine

Working space X/Y/Z: 20,000/6,000/3,000 mm

Accuracy: 0.06 mm

Spindle power 10 kW

Heating press

3000 mm x 1350 mm

Pressure up to 400 bar

Opening width: 380 mm

Heats up to 130°C

Hot plate power: 2 x 16 kWh