Fiber composite tubes

HA-CO Carbon is your specialist for the design and manufacture of large wound composite tubes and rings. 

We realize the idea of your fiber composite tube. Depending on your interest, we wind for you from carbon, glass, aramid or basalt fiber with different numbers of filaments.

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We realize fiber composite structures with diameters between 40 mm and 4 meters and component lengths up to 40 meters. Our machinery consists, among other things, of long conventional winding machines and a worldwide unique, patented tension winding machine. A wide range of component lengths can be produced on this coreless or on core. HA-CO Carbon accompanies you from the specifications to prototype construction to series production of long carbon tubes (CFRP tubes) and fiberglass tubes (GRP tubes). We look forward to discussing your specific requirements with you.


Tube dimensions

  • Component diameters: 40 mm up to 4 meters 
  • Component lengths: 0.50 meters to 42 meters 
  • Different cross-sections (also square/multi-edged, ...) 
  • Irregular shapes 
  • Coreless winding possible 
  • T-hedgehog (wrapping of bottles possible) 

Tube materials

Wound from carbon, glass, aramid and basalt fibers (rovings) with different filament counts from any manufacturer 

  • Resin/hardener systems optimized for the application (standard: epoxy) 
  • Foams, honeycombs and other core materials for sandwich tubes 

Fiber angles

  • Fiber angles from 0 degrees to 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the pipe can be combined as required to adapt to the mechanical requirements of the individual composite pipe and/or the assembly 

Connection techniques

The connection between metal end-bottles and the carbon tube can be made in different ways: 

  • Positive-locking, e.g. with pins; in this case, the outer surface of an insert or flange is fitted with pins. During subsequent processing, these semi-finished products are then wrapped directly into the CFRP tube to achieve an optimum form fit. 
  • friction-locked, e.g. bolts 
  • material-locking, e.g. bonding; for bonding, HA-CO Carbon uses a process patented by IMA in Dresden, which guarantees complete bonding gap coverage and thus extremely high load-bearing capacity when flanges are bonded into our carbon tubes. 

Applications for fiber composite tubes

Wound carbon tubes are used in the following industries, among others: 

  • Jig and fixture construction 
  • Special mechanical construction 
  • Optical systems 
  • Drive technology (CFRP torsion shafts) 
  • Shipbuilding, boatbuilding 
  • Transport and handling systems 
  • Mast construction 
  • Coil formers 
Product Inquiry


Technical specifications, properties, environmental influences, etc.

This information is important for the design of the product. If it is an order, they serve to verify your product choice.