Development and manufacturing services


Especially in the field of architecture, we have often been able to convince with our ability to produce unique components even in large dimensions. We realize projects in art, architecture and construction ‐ from small wonders to monumental eye‐openers.


We realize projects in art, architecture and construction - from small wonders to monumental eye-openers. HA-CO carbon architecture.


Our unique machinery enables us to offer industrial solutions made of CFRP and GFRP also in special dimensions: We offer carbon tubes, carbon plates, QuickPreg® and many more shapes for your industrial solution.

Carbon überzeugt als Werkstoff auch in der Luft und im All.

We want to fly high! 

Automotive and mobility

Safe on the road - we also manufacture CFRP and GFRP solutions for the automotive industry.

Medical technology

Fiber composites such as CFRP and GRP can be used in a wide variety of sectors thanks to their diverse properties. Carbon components also enrich modern medical technology, for example.

Design elements

Components made of carbon and fiberglass also impress with their appearance and are accordingly perfect for design elements. Carbon design and glassfiber design from HA-CO Carbon GmbH.

Fiber composite tubes

HA-CO Carbon is your specialist for the design and manufacture of large wound composite tubes and rings. 

We realize the idea of your fiber composite tube. Depending on your interest, we wind for you from carbon, glass, aramid or basalt fiber with different numbers of filaments.

Carbondruckbehälter beeindrucken durch Leichtigkeit und Stabilität.

A wide range of applications is also offered by HA-CO Carbon's pressure vessels and tanks.

Carbonbauteil, welches durch Filamentwickeln entsteht.

How does HA-CO Carbon manufacture? Which products and areas of application are conceivable? We look forward to getting in touch with you!

QuickPreg® kann in einem Pressverfahren zu Schalenbauteilen weiterverarbeitet werden.

QuickPreg® is a pre-impregnated fiber semi-finished product, similar to a prepreg.