QuickPreg® - fiber semi-finished product

QuickPreg® is a pre-impregnated fiber semi-finished product, similar to a prepreg.

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The decisive advantages over conventional fabrics is the free run of the carbon fiber between two crossing points and the possibility for any fiber angle, such as +/-10° or +/-35°.
Due to the lower ondulation, the fiber-parallel strength increases by up to 20% and the individual fiber alignment can additionally reduce the weight. QuickPreg® blanks can have almost any number of plies and can be directly processed into shell components in a pressing process.

Properties and advantages of QuickPreg®

  • Any fiber orientation (0-90°) and any layer structure
  • High fiber volume content (55-60 %)
  • Very good drapeability
  • Low-waste production of semi-finished products in dimensions of several meters is possible

Fields of application for QuickPreg

  • different pressed shell components for various industries
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