Repair work on carbon obelisk

Emscherkunstweg in Essen

In spring 2021, the carbon obelisk artwork in Essen was successfully reworked and can now once again amaze visitors.

Repair work on carbon obelisk
Carbon surface after sandblasting
Repair work on carbon obelisk
Painting the surface
Repair work on carbon obelisk
Removal with special vehicle
Repair work on carbon obelisk
Erection of the carbon artwork with the help of a crane
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Carbon obelisk at the Emscherkunstweg

The American artist Prof. Rita McBride designed this 14-meter-high obelisk for the EMSCHER-KUNST.2010 exhibition, which focused on the structural change of the region and the return from mining to nature. The artist Prof. McBride is an important artist of her generation with numerous internationally awarded objects. Together with HA-CO Carbon GmbH she realized this project. The artwork refers to the history of the region as a center of coal mining. The material from which it was made is also fitting, of course: It is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP or carbon) and is given a diamond-shaped pattern by the superimposed carbon fibers. Our carbon engineering regularly amazes visitors here. 

However, since time also leaves its mark on such monuments, the work of art was transported to us in Wallerstein in the company's own production hall by a special transport from Essen on May 11, 2021. This ensured that weather damage could be expertly and precisely inspected and treated. After a detailed damage documentation, the work was started. The upper layers of paint were removed by sandblasting, revealing the original fiber structure of the carbon rovings.

Various sanding and painting operations were then carried out - support here was provided by products and expertise in carbon painting from Carsystems Süd. Finally, an anti-graffiti coating was applied to protect the carbon artwork from vandalism.

Through a lot of personal commitment and energetic cooperation, the obelisk was then delivered back to Essen on time on June 29, 2021. Accompanied by our employees Marco Fälschle and Danny Hummel, it was set up again at its original location with the help of a crane. Here it was already awaited by a camera team, onlookers and the contact person on site - Thomas Voßmerbäumer from the Emschergenossenschaft. Together, they managed to place the work of art back in the right place, fix it in place and thus make it accessible to the public again. Now the carbon obelisk can shine again and enchant visitors to the Emscher Art Trail. More information and impressions are also available at

HA-CO Carbon GmbH, July 2, 2021


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