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About us

HA-CO Carbon GmbH (formerly CGB Carbon Grossbauteile GmbH) manufactures large components from carbon. With our highly automated, innovative manufacturing processes, we are the world leader and at the highest technical level. With one of Germany's largest portal milling machines we also process components made of ureol, aluminium and foam.

As a result, our products are used in a wide variety of areas - from motor sports to renewable energies.

HA-CO Carbon is a company of Haudenschild Holding - competence in drive and linear technology!


Our service to your convenience:

  • FLEXIBILITY: Standard products or specific solutions
  • COMPETENCE: Technic support through our knowledge
  • SPEED: Available and effective thanks to our spacious deposit
  • SAFE: Quality is our standard
  • PRICE ATTRACTIVE: Quality products for a good value


Martin Osswald

Owner, CEO

Werner Haudenschild

Owner, Engineering, Key-Account-Manager


You supply the inputs... we supply your product.
Take advantage of our engineering services, our designers are always there for you. 



Advantages of carbon compared to conventional materials

Carbon is a composite material and is therefore very different from quasi-isotropic materials such as steel or aluminum.

The following is an overview of the properties:

  •     Density 1.5-1.6 g/cm3
  •     Anisotropic material properties (direction dependent)
  •     Coefficient of thermal expansion -0.1*10-6/K along the carbon fiber
  •     High stiffness, good vibration behaviour
  •     Good formability
  •     Transparent to X-rays
  •     High corrosion resistance compared to metals (depending on medium, concentration, exposure time and temperature)

This results in the following advantages:

  •     The low weight results in a low mass inertia at fast accelerations.
  •     The very low thermal expansion enables high precision for measuring equipment with temperature fluctuations.
  •     There is no need to readjust optics.
  •     High design freedom due to extreme forming possibilities.
  •     Interesting optical effects possible.

We would be pleased to advise you on the use of CFRP for your application.

Quality management

For us, quality means meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers with high-quality products. 

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of HA-CO Carbon GmbH. An effective quality management system is indispensable in order to live up to this claim.
By structuring and constantly improving our processes, we not only prevent errors but also systematically plan quality. The certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 objectively confirms that our processes are professionally designed and interlinked.
Certificate DIN ISO 9001:2015