Carbon plates

HA-CO Carbon manufactures innovative carbon plates up to a size of 2800 x 1200 mm in different wall thicknesses from 2 mm.

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In contrast to carbon plates (CFRP plates) made from standard prepregs, we can realize individual fiber angles of e.g. +/-10° or +/-30°. This allows the mechanical properties and thermal expansion in specific directions to be individually adjusted. Compared to quasi-isotropic carbon plates, higher strengths and lower weight can be achieved. We supply carbon sheets ready-cut and including all bores. We also offer the modification of plates with pockets, grooves or even complex 3- or 5-axis machining.

Properties of carbon plates

  • Size up to 2800x1200 mm
  • Contour tolerance according to ISO 2768-m, thickness tolerance according to ISO 2768-c
  • Tg up to 125°C (higher temperature resistance on request)
  • Surface matt glossy or with peel ply as adhesive preparation
  • Individual fiber angles, which can be laid in a wide variety of geometries according to customer requirements
  • Finished
  • Mechanical characteristics and individual design available on request
  • Attractive design due to winding pattern

Areas of application for CFRP sheets

  • Machine and fixture construction
  • Model making
  • Optical systems
  • Handling and transport systems
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