Our social media new beginning

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We decided to refresh our digital corporate presence. Now we can also show presence on social media, introduce new products and maintain the relationship with our business partners. We look forward to welcoming you to our accounts!

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Media usage behavior has changed dramatically in recent years. Social media has long since found its way into our private and business lives. In order to keep our customers, partners and interested parties up to date on these channels as well, we decided to refresh our digital corporate presence in spring 2021.

With the help of social media expert Theresa Ulbricht (https://www.kulturmadame.de/), we took the plunge at the beginning of May and went online with our first posts. As easy as it sounds, it was a lot of work. Luckily, Theresa was able to support us with helpful tips on content, layout, hashtags and much more.

Internally in the HA-CO group, we also exchanged ideas and coordinated with each other. Intensive coaching sessions and creative idea gathering were necessary until a foundation was finally laid. A lot of new things had to be learned and applied, and our team is still putting a lot of energy and work into constantly updating our online presence. But we claim: It was worth it. We are convinced of the added value and also a little proud to be able to present ourselves on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with regular posts and information.

We look forward to the exchange in the social networks, to new insights and getting to know our customers from a different side. Have fun exploring our accounts and don't hesitate to contact us regarding questions or comments.

      Instagram: haco_carbon                            https://www.instagram.com/haco_carbon/ 
      LinkedIn: Carbon, HA-CO.de                      https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/carbon-ha-co.de 
      Facebook: HA-CO Carbon GmbH             https://www.facebook.com/HA-CO-Carbon-GmbH-363877684101519/ 


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