Factory tour of the Wallerstein trade association


HA-CO Carbon GmbH can do more than just produce carbon tubes! There are many other exciting projects and innovations in the field of fibre composites - the members of the Wallerstein trade association were also able to experience this during the factory tour at HA-CO.

Factory tour of the Wallerstein trade association

On Tuesday, 5 July 2022, the company HA-CO Carbon GmbH opened its doors to the Wallerstein trade association at 5 pm. A good 15 people were welcomed to Albert-Einstein-Str. 1 by the company manager Siegbert Pachner. 

In an informative guided tour through the production and administration area, the participants were informed about the machinery, production processes and latest innovations. Despite the high temperatures, there were numerous questions and a great deal of interest from the participants in fibre composites and the product ranges. Following the tour, Mr Pachner presented not only the company in facts and figures, but also projects that have been successfully implemented to date. For example, HA-CO Carbon GmbH was allowed to plan, manufacture and erect three impressive entrance portals on site for EXPO 2020 in Dubai. This tour de force was made clear to the visitors by means of pictures and anecdotes. This was also an opportunity to show what went on behind the scenes and to pay tribute once again to the masterly performance of the employees.

Finally, HA-CO Carbon GmbH thanked the visitors for their active participation and the interesting discussions at the factory tour. This was followed by an open exchange with discussions, snacks and cool drinks. The consistently pleasant atmosphere rounded off the enjoyable evening.

HA-CO Carbon GmbH, 26.07.2022


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