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The innovative and maintenance-free quality products from HA-CO Carbon GmbH are used in a wide range of applications.
If our standard products do not yet provide the perfect solution, we will find it easy for you. Inform yourself about system solutions developed especially for your needs!
Our products prove themselves every day worldwide in many areas:

Mechanical engineering / Machine tools

HA-CO Carbon products can be used across the entire spectrum of mechanical engineering, whether as supporting structure elements or as covers. Just ask us.

Architecture - MAE WEST Munich

Video Mae West

"MAE WEST": 52 meter high carbon artwork

Art on building from CFK in Munich

The artwork "Mae West" was realized on behalf of the building department of the state capital Munich as part of the tunnel construction project "Mittlerer Ring Ost" at the Effnerplatz in Munich. In a competition, the 52-meter-high carbon sculpture by the renowned artist Rita McBride prevailed. Rita McBride is one of the most important artists of her generation with numerous internationally awarded objects.


64 carbon tubes up to 40 meters long

The impressive and widely visible waist-shaped sculpture is reminiscent of a light-footed rotating dancer. "Mae West" blends harmoniously into the existing architecture and the roundabout at Effnerplatz. The work of art consists of 64 CFRP pipes of up to 40 metres in length, produced from carbon fibres (rovings) in a winding process. Teufelberger's connection systems were integrated directly into the laminate, which guarantees an optimum form fit. Finally, the surfaces of the CFRP components were sealed to be weatherproof.


HA-CO Engineering: How "Mae West" learned to dance

"Mae West" was made possible by combining various innovative carbon manufacturing processes. HA-CO Carbon was responsible for the production of the pipes, the prefabrication of the connecting elements, the installation at Effnerplatz in Munich and the project management. The combination of these elements is what distinguishes HA-CO Engineering. And: A comparable sculpture would not have been possible with conventional building materials such as steel. Only CFRP lightweight construction from HA-CO makes "Mae West" dance at Effnerplatz.  

Aviation industry

In the aerospace industry, weight is often a decisive factor in the selection of machine parts or components. What could be lighter, more robust or stiffer than carbon? We are sure to find the perfect solution for you.

Medical technology

Precision, rigidity and robustness are not only in demand in mechanical engineering.

Medical technology also requires our products for various applications. We can support you accordingly with our experience.

Renewable energy

Hydropower, photovoltaics, wind power etc.

Railway- and automotive technology

In automotive engineerings and railway industries efficiency during transport and safety is absolutely a priority. Every component of the (rail-) vehicle must be designed so that maximum reliability is guaranteed. Thereby various factors have to be included such as harsh invironment, corrosive media, continious vibration and daily wear.